How do I come to this conclusion? The Bible!

While adults – in their pursuit of heaven – may try to mimic the innocence of a little child, the child is a `natural´; no mask, no hypocrisy, no need to act the part, just innate being. How is it that the petite and modest child is so well qualified for heaven? He still has no blood in his mouth, from Sunday mass, no flesh between his teeth. For this he has to wait till he is about 10 years old. During innocence one does not partake in flesh and blood; that comes later. So how is he qualified?

The Lord knew that only a child could be trusted to keep the Lords peace. He chose not an articulate rational adult, with a command of Greek and Latin, to safeguard the lion and the sheep on that green yonder field of peace and hope. He knew that an adult, with flesh and blood in his mouth, would shoot the lion and eat the lamb. Why then is it that we are taught ethics by adults and not by children? with text and dogma and not by innocent example?



October 16, 2007

This Blog has been tested on animals. 

In a time where cruelty is an issue to sensitive human beings, I currently denounce myself and admit that – before turning to humans – I have turned to animals for approval; but I may safely say that if anyone suffered it was I and not them.

Hear my tale, and you may find a heart to forgive me:  Recently, in a small shire beyond the western moor (1), armed with the courage of a fool, I sat down before cloven hoof and fowl and there exposed my Blog. Attention was nigh impossible to get at first; they would keep silent, turn away, bray, peck at my text, drool on my sheet, and stoop to the worst kind of public affront – let out foul air in a loud and otherwise rude manner – I don’t know how I survived such an insensitive attack on my susceptible nature, but, there you have it, I am not one to give up easily; I pulled a tail, turned a head and kept a hoof at bay until, finally, someone snorted an approving grunt; then an untimely, but amused, ‘kickerikie’ followed – this is three a clock in the afternoon, mind you – and victory was mine. I loved them back and swore that I would speak their case, defend their interests and present their soul, when next I would turn to humans.

It is out; with my consciousness unburdened I can face the world, I can turn to you!

(1) The location has been changed to protect the animals involved

Anthropocentric chauvinism

October 11, 2007

The blind and absurd devotion to difference:

The arbitrary line between psychology and ethology – that keeps the inner or conscious life of animals, feedstock and wild, apart – reminds me of the Christian apology for animal (ab)-use, that animals have no Soul. Black African Americans once ranked amongst the sentient Beings with no Soul and no noteworthy inner life. Their gesticulations and lack of comprehensible language, when trapped and tied down, had them disqualified in the pious white mind only a couple of centuries back. Their submission, use and abuse, like that of animals, created no inner conflict, no self examination, for the yet to be studied white human psyche, whether it was southern Baptist or ‘de Castilla’ colonizing for a Catholic King and Queen. Thinking men brought this abomination to an end.

Maybe, not far from now, other thinking men and women, will abolish the unreasonable distinction between the inner or conscious life of humans and that of other highly evolved sentient Beings, whose, quite similar brain structure,  sustains the thin, yet vain, cortex of human consciousness.

IQ for dinner

October 7, 2007

Noah had no choice. He was ordered to take everyone along, leave no one behind, intelligent and dumb birds alike. I’m talking about parrots and chickens. Intelligent birds like N’kisi, with a 700+ words vocabulary, get names and front page, dumb birds get eaten; one very good reason to develop intelligence.

Procreation will get you born but intelligence will help to keep you alive. The odds for parrots to outlive chickens are overwhelmingly in favor of parrots. You do not see many parrots on frying pans or stuffed in an oven. Imagine your food saying one last goodbye or asking for one last wish, you would have to be very hard hearted to keep your appetite.

In terms of SURVIVAL, dumb birds fare statistically worse than their intelligent peers. 100 in 100  KFC restaurants have chicken on the menu. Good business practice lets offer follow demand and there is obviously a high demand for dumb birds, you find KFC everywhere.

As to the client there is no research at the moment to establish whether this fact is related to his/her respect for intelligence or the better legal protection intelligent birds like parrots enjoy over chickens.

Bottom line: Articulate birds with a rank on the IQ ladder are less likely to end up on a dinner plate than ovulating plumes with scarce to absent communication skills.



chicken_hatched-2.jpg  “Salad please!”