IQ for dinner

October 7, 2007

Noah had no choice. He was ordered to take everyone along, leave no one behind, intelligent and dumb birds alike. I’m talking about parrots and chickens. Intelligent birds like N’kisi, with a 700+ words vocabulary, get names and front page, dumb birds get eaten; one very good reason to develop intelligence.

Procreation will get you born but intelligence will help to keep you alive. The odds for parrots to outlive chickens are overwhelmingly in favor of parrots. You do not see many parrots on frying pans or stuffed in an oven. Imagine your food saying one last goodbye or asking for one last wish, you would have to be very hard hearted to keep your appetite.

In terms of SURVIVAL, dumb birds fare statistically worse than their intelligent peers. 100 in 100  KFC restaurants have chicken on the menu. Good business practice lets offer follow demand and there is obviously a high demand for dumb birds, you find KFC everywhere.

As to the client there is no research at the moment to establish whether this fact is related to his/her respect for intelligence or the better legal protection intelligent birds like parrots enjoy over chickens.

Bottom line: Articulate birds with a rank on the IQ ladder are less likely to end up on a dinner plate than ovulating plumes with scarce to absent communication skills.



chicken_hatched-2.jpg  “Salad please!”



2 Responses to “IQ for dinner”

  1. Antonio Paez said

    While chicks may seem dumb, they have made a very intelligent choice: they let humans domesticate them and they thrive as a result. Together we have taken over the planet. There are more chicken in the world than there are humans, and the same is true for cows and other species who have chosen to be protected slaves. From a survival perspective, there are few better choices than marrying the powerful.

    However, with the fast food nation taking over and forcing them to live partial non-reproductive lives –for most of them at least–, maybe soon edible chickens will be just clones of the perfect chicken which eats little, and is 50% breast. Humans are now breaking the unwritten terms of the domestication agreement, and even dumb birds may start a universal strike.

    I also would like another serving of salad. At least I want to show that my IQ is useful.

  2. benji said

    No creo que se coma pollo simplemente porque es mas tonto sino porque ya es parte de la cultura social en el mundo y talvez porque tu inteligent bird no sea comestible 🙂

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