Anthropocentric chauvinism

October 11, 2007

The blind and absurd devotion to difference:

The arbitrary line between psychology and ethology – that keeps the inner or conscious life of animals, feedstock and wild, apart – reminds me of the Christian apology for animal (ab)-use, that animals have no Soul. Black African Americans once ranked amongst the sentient Beings with no Soul and no noteworthy inner life. Their gesticulations and lack of comprehensible language, when trapped and tied down, had them disqualified in the pious white mind only a couple of centuries back. Their submission, use and abuse, like that of animals, created no inner conflict, no self examination, for the yet to be studied white human psyche, whether it was southern Baptist or ‘de Castilla’ colonizing for a Catholic King and Queen. Thinking men brought this abomination to an end.

Maybe, not far from now, other thinking men and women, will abolish the unreasonable distinction between the inner or conscious life of humans and that of other highly evolved sentient Beings, whose, quite similar brain structure,  sustains the thin, yet vain, cortex of human consciousness.


One Response to “Anthropocentric chauvinism”

  1. Carmen said

    me parrot or chicken? Creo que parrot. Este blog esta genial. felicitaciones al genio!!!

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