October 16, 2007

This Blog has been tested on animals. 

In a time where cruelty is an issue to sensitive human beings, I currently denounce myself and admit that – before turning to humans – I have turned to animals for approval; but I may safely say that if anyone suffered it was I and not them.

Hear my tale, and you may find a heart to forgive me:  Recently, in a small shire beyond the western moor (1), armed with the courage of a fool, I sat down before cloven hoof and fowl and there exposed my Blog. Attention was nigh impossible to get at first; they would keep silent, turn away, bray, peck at my text, drool on my sheet, and stoop to the worst kind of public affront – let out foul air in a loud and otherwise rude manner – I don’t know how I survived such an insensitive attack on my susceptible nature, but, there you have it, I am not one to give up easily; I pulled a tail, turned a head and kept a hoof at bay until, finally, someone snorted an approving grunt; then an untimely, but amused, ‘kickerikie’ followed – this is three a clock in the afternoon, mind you – and victory was mine. I loved them back and swore that I would speak their case, defend their interests and present their soul, when next I would turn to humans.

It is out; with my consciousness unburdened I can face the world, I can turn to you!

(1) The location has been changed to protect the animals involved


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