The best Christian is a child

October 17, 2007

How do I come to this conclusion? The Bible!

While adults – in their pursuit of heaven – may try to mimic the innocence of a little child, the child is a `natural´; no mask, no hypocrisy, no need to act the part, just innate being. How is it that the petite and modest child is so well qualified for heaven? He still has no blood in his mouth, from Sunday mass, no flesh between his teeth. For this he has to wait till he is about 10 years old. During innocence one does not partake in flesh and blood; that comes later. So how is he qualified?

The Lord knew that only a child could be trusted to keep the Lords peace. He chose not an articulate rational adult, with a command of Greek and Latin, to safeguard the lion and the sheep on that green yonder field of peace and hope. He knew that an adult, with flesh and blood in his mouth, would shoot the lion and eat the lamb. Why then is it that we are taught ethics by adults and not by children? with text and dogma and not by innocent example?


One Response to “The best Christian is a child”

  1. benji said

    In the Bible it is said that children are evil when born and that they are sinners; that is why baptism exists; what then is the difference with adults? :/

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