Ashes and snow

December 1, 2007

I was invited to see a presentation of this wonderful work done by Gregory Colbert and was left deeply moved by his work. I cannot remember having seen anything like it except maybe in the also stunning images from BARAKA; A World Beyond Words (1992 Magidson films)


The image here is his work and copy right and serves, in fair use, only to guide you into his realm.

No words can convey the beauty of this visual poetry; see it, feel it and you will never forget.

Here are the links to arrive at the portal of Gregory Colbert’s work Ashes and Snow

Si prefieres en español


3 Responses to “Ashes and snow”

  1. samantha said

    Oh my god wow

  2. exuvia said

    Hi Leila,

    imagine what we are loosing by no ones fault except our own.

    It is all in the eye or
    it isn’t.
    When it is not it is called blindness

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