Dr. Jill Taylors TED Talk

April 1, 2008

Sharing must be the most powerful path towards human growth.

This is a groundbreaking, brave, innovative and touching account of human transcendence made public by TED talk. I was rapt from beginning to end. Beautiful and hopefully both meaning- and useful to any who would appreciate a testimony from someone who crossed the boundary, lived, was allowed and willing to tell.

It lasts about 18 minutes so take your time and enjoy!

George, thank you! for pointing to this; in a world where sound and images flow from all quarters, this, of all, was worth my time.


4 Responses to “Dr. Jill Taylors TED Talk”

  1. Antonio Paez said

    While I agree that her testimony is fascinating, I am deeply troubled by the conclusions she reaches. She seems to imply that wholeness is a great feeling that is only achieved by becoming non-functional? If she was so happy to have half her brain decommissioned, why did she make such a big effort to retrain her humanity after the stroke?

  2. exuvia said

    I didn’t pick up the hail-to-half! It’s hard to imagine much fun to a partial brain; break a limb, loose a toe, life continues but less than a fully functional neurological forest is a smaller window into the realm of human life.

    The point I liked was the experience on the edge; the interaction with, and almost without, the vehicle of the body, mediated through a more or less functional brain.

    Science is not forth coming with the concept of a consciousness not related to the body. They prefer the bottom-up approach to the matter and to conjure up consciousness from the periodic table.

    Was her feeling of well being due to a dysfunctional brain? Or was it a peak into transcendence? Into a life beyond a brain – I’m obviously not talking about coma, and also not from a strictly material point of view. As a human being the human body is best and the best of all bodies is a fully functional one and the best place to be for such a structure is here. But… there might be another point of view, a different appreciation, another place and way to ‘Be’, when you cross the limit, voluntarily as in meditation or involuntarily as in an accident, in ill health and dying.

    Most people cannot describe what happen to them, they lack words for an experience at the limit of life; it’s all so new and so sudden. The detail here is a privilege; that said without wanting the experience for my self through a stroke; I fancy meditation to be a gradual and less anxious way to facilitate ‘walking’ consciously up to, and beyond, the frontier of material limitation but I wouldn’t turn around to tell; who would believe such a story?

  3. seeleelive said

    Thank you for sharing this video. My favorite part is when she describes being a “geanie” and too big to fit into such a small body. It is so true, all of us, we are too big with our experiences, actions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, details, just too big.

  4. exuvia said

    Maybe who we are is different from where we are; and maybe the body is just another stop on route.

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