The Revenge of Atlas

August 15, 2008


Letter to Ayn:


Once a panting effort to sustain himself on the Globe, man has reversed the roles; the slave has become the insensitive oppressor.


“Who is the weight now?!”


You can hear his mad rage against his former tormenter as he tears at her breast in revenge.


You had me eating unleavened bread with sweat on my brow; now look at this double… latte and my cream cheese bagel!”

“I once supported the weight of dust now see if you can hold up the likes of me!”


The underdog has climbed the ladder and taken over – at present – in a mad rush to rule his burden and even out the accounts; it seems fair at first sight, the hoards trying to turn the weight of duty into the thrill of opportunity, but, as the story goes, wait a while and our ‘top-dog’ will find himself back and anxious at the lowest rung of the ladder. History repeats itself, dust shall again become a ‘burthen‘ and things shall be as before: Mankind, breathless under the sun, in an effort to endure the earthen Sphere; dry bread and sweat instead of sweet and creamy. Shrug as he may, the willful nifty-wit, modern man is rapidly making his way back to his role as a beast of burden. Once again the onus is on him; Atlas is returning Mrs. Rand, and all by himself!




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