Of mice and men

November 14, 2008

Reason-induced-and-willing-anti-conception vs. food-induced-sterility.

Austrian scientists have shown that:

“Mice fed on genetically-engineered maize produce fewer offspring than those fed on natural foods”

The study was presented by the lead author at a scientific seminar in Vienna, Austria; Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zentek, Professor for veterinary Medicine at the University of Vienna.

If this is an effective method of anti-conception in humans is still to be seen; the matter awaits further study.

Imagine parents adding the following piece of advice to their ever growing to-and-not-to-do list for the endangered species they call their offspring: “…and listen Joe, no GM foods before you have had your kids!”

I’m mostly concerned about my son …as for me; I was getting a vasectomy any way.

The upside of the study – if we can guarantee the effect – is that this way we might be able to free ourselves from rat poison; lay out a few cobs of genetically modified corn and then just wait; a few generations and adieu rodents! How easy would that be; a mice holocaust …and who would miss them?

If you want to keep yourself informed swing by the heroes of my youth, the people at Greenpeace; I just like the way they look out for our garden.

Here is their link:



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