Of mice and men II

November 22, 2008

This is not scary movie:


“The Italian government’s National Institute of Research on Food and Nutrition has just published a report online in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry documenting significant disturbances in the immune system of young and old mice that have been fed the GM maize MON 810 [1].”


old mice:


Grandpa is off the cob for years now, his teeth are done chewing roughage; the last corn he ate was meal in a pancake. Still, if there is any relationship between mice and men, we should ask the doctor if GM maize could pose a threat to his delicate health; we like to have him around.


If you wish to read further…








5 Responses to “Of mice and men II”

  1. seeleelive said

    Thanks for all the kind words you left me on the blog. I really appreciate them. I would love to edit one day. And I also want to change the world. Did I mention that?

  2. exuvia said

    You are most welcome.

    You stand out as a kind person and people come to you because of that.

    The quality of your writing is noticeable; as I mentioned, I think you are a natural. It’s in the seed… the tree will grow.

    Thank you for coming by


  3. exuvia said


    let me invite you to my posting on Ashes and Snow. Try the link. I imagine that you will enjoy the images of nature. They are really beautiful.

  4. remistevens said

    hey exuvia. Watched that Monsanto doc you left a link to- very intereting. So this GM corn can both destabilize immune systems and decimate natural local crops. How do you fight that sort of thing? Even as consumers were helpless, if GM corn is all thats left in the world- thats what were going to be eating. . . .. At least with the Nazis it was pretty obvious they were trying to take over the world, giving people in their right minds the chance to react and defend themselves.

  5. exuvia said

    Well Remi, silence won’t help much. There are several legislative moves around the world to help preserve our seeds from man.

    If we look at evolution, any and every seed is a step of that ladder; of that story.

    Indigenous people are often sensitive to Nature and highly aware of what a seed represent and how all seed together sum up the history of life. I am inspired by their commitment to our common ‘Mother’ and the ovum of life.

    So look around and post what you find; we can all help out with awareness.

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