Hope for the future

January 29, 2009

You have concerns.

Should you or should you not bring children into this world?  It’s a nagging question but this website might help you find peace and settle the question:

I was moved to duck, to tears and to post by the mother shooting her automatic riffle at the bullet proof baby stroller.


At US $ 599,- and free shipping  it’s rather inexpensive isn’t it?

You could  get a baby and get one!

Should you be on low income ask the hood to make a collection amongst your caring neighbors; they know the situation, they will understand.

Please don’t miss the emotional highlight of the product test where baby slugger, full of laughs and without a dent is debriefed after the shooting: “Good job!”, thumbs up and “One more time!”.

It’s family fun galore.

Isn’t it exciting! it is a bit like Batman begins.



“I’m Stella Stevenson, Founder and CEO of BPB Industries. I’ve been an industrial designer all my life, and decided to establish ‘bullet proof baby’ when my first son, Randy, was nearly killed in a drive by shooting in 2004.

When stray bullets hit the pram but narrowly missed my son, I realized there was a gap in the market for a range of products to protect babies in today’s increasingly violent society. …

Please note that due to recent events, demand for some of our products has been high and as a result some may be temporarily out of stock. Make sure you check back soon!”



7 Responses to “Hope for the future”

  1. remistevens said

    so is it real?

    i can understand why there would be a market for this type of shit, but does the website have to be so tasteless? Seems fake.

    Best part is that this is the product “test”. Not a demonstration, a test. Couldn’t they have tested on a watermelon or something.

    Seriously, its too ridiculous, i think its a phony.

  2. exuvia said

    I hope you are right. If it is a hoax it is well done and the point is certainly taken.

    If it is true…

  3. exuvia said

    It could be a University project; a term paper on… It’s a lot of effort just to make a hoax.

  4. exuvia said

    The reaction of disbelief has to be the impact it is looking for.

    Hmmmm! we could investigate a bit more trying to put in an order.

  5. exuvia said

    I fancy the bomb blanket lower right corner. Is it Kevlar tread? Will they take cash…

  6. if she needs hearing protection, why not the baby?

    i don’t imagine paypal and visa would allow their logos go onto a fake. . .

  7. exuvia said

    Maybe little slugger is so used to the bullet rain that he has developed a conditioned reflex and associates the rhythmic sound of lead on the reinforced canvas shell with parental affection.

    There is so much joy at the end of the session.

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