The Doomsday Vault

February 22, 2009

Surely this is not for the birds.

This concrete ark has cost a fortune and some very concerned minds were able to convince investors and governments about the sanity of this project: Possible nuclear wars, climate change and maybe even human industry.

We have gone under ground and out of the way to avoid the impact of potential big problems to Nature and the foundation of mankind.

The uneasy thing about saving mankind is that it doesn’t need you or me in order to fulfill the mission. You don’t have to save the lot of us, just two;  Noah or Noannah with his or her family and of course the deposits from the doomsday vault after the waves of hypothetical tragedy have washed over our generation.

For now we have rented a duplex in the twilight zone  inspired by Superman’s father Jor-El, who built a crystal palace of ice – the icy fortress of solitude–  on the North Pole to keep some kind of  code safe from unworthy eyes and manipulating hands.

Imagine a Lex Luther taking a job with Monsanto; the terrible things which could happen to our seeds…


2 Responses to “The Doomsday Vault”

  1. If the wealthy bury themselves underground to weather through an apocalyptic storm, they will emerge to find they have learned no basic survival skills and already have a gene pool to slender to support a new civilization.

    I think the seeds have probably got a better chance at survival than humans.

  2. exuvia said

    If evolution holds good we could reemerge as humans down the line. Oh, there is such a long way back up to the human form from seed. Wait a few billion years and we will talk… again. Until then its soil to you and me Remi.

    Good soil to you.

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