February 26, 2009

The Blog sphere is teaming with talented and committed writers who wish to share the salient points of their philosophies. The desert has filled with mountebanks and wisdom is flowing. But one might fear that there is more expression than listening; much effort and not enough attention; that the ratio output to notice taken is severely slanted – 1000:1 and that the ratio notice taken to action taken is another sobering 1000:1

With a one in a million conversion rate we are moving like giants of clay with molten feet.

Look! Another writer has just taken the chair; it’s a  great post on our food supply:


One Response to “Mountebanks”

  1. Lisa said

    Thank you for the comment, and the link above. I very much agree with you. There is much to learn and share, so we must pay attention and do our part at the same time.


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