April 2, 2009

This was the 2008 state of the art.

Should I venture to project the general trend in technology upon the future of robots then this is a sketchy beginning to ‘beings’ who can extend the will of any fascist regime without a murmur or a stir of conscience.

Here is the visible top of the iceberg of our not so distant future, a TED TALK about robots and warfare


3 Responses to “Prowess”

  1. ah yes, first you fueled an army with grain, then with oil, now with electricity.

    Personally, if i were the techno-savvy dictator, i’d go with the ol’ man with brain chip type soldiers. Sure sure, a pure machine will do your bidding exactly without any slip ups, but i just love the personal touch. Only a man can put the rape into rape and pillage. I want an army that thirsts for blood, not just direction.

  2. hey Exuvia, did you ever see the Zeitgeist movie yet- a friend directed me to it recently.

    The Addendum is better than the original though. Theories on Jesus and 911 are scary and interesting, but the depiction of the Federal Reserve bank is really terrific. A private company with the license to print your national currency and charge interest for doing so. I’ve heard bits and pieces of the Fed story before, but never laid out so completely.

    sorry, off topic i guess. fascists, armies and brain chips got me to thinking again. . . .gotta stop with the thinking, where is my tube driven distraction>?

    later dude

  3. exuvia said

    Didn’t get to Zeitgeist yet; you have just reactivated my to-see-list and reshuffled the top three.

    The “ol’ man with the brain chip” is busy in politics; over at the San Andrea fault line I think; but then again there is not much difference between politics and war. The two slouch the street like drunk Siamese twins rambling at midnight.

    You make the Federal Reserve Bank sound like an affiliate of the Temple Order of the Middle Ages. A private agency engaged for profit whilst inconspicuously immersed, a state within the state, in the local political tale and concern of the hour dressed up as a neighborhood hero; as one from the block.

    Line up them teller Knights, have them drop their pants. The ones with the balls of gold are the ones you are looking for – Simple investigative method inspired by reading Rumi, a Persian Mystic – They have gold for sperm and diamonds for blood. They are out to conquer the world.

    Isn’t it romantic. I love the middle ages with all the bonfires and the religious lore.

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