Johnnie Walks

July 27, 2009

In an age of globalization Johnnie has become a citizen of the world. He, just like so many other citizens of the global village out to find a better check or pay at all,  is packing his bags and leaving the Scottish nock which saw his birth. His career plan was long ago changed from the traditional perspective of place, position, seniority and tradition to the modern concept of a boundary less career. Johnnie is no longer a citizen of a particular place but a man of the world, free to look up the highest bidder, a nomad in the caravan of riches together with rock stars, unemployed, refugees, footballers and international CEO’s. “You move or you are dead” says Johnnie who walks his talk. If you thought that his walking stick was a mere question of rhetoric’s you were mistaken, not wrong but definitely mistaken… Some one made Johnnie an offer he could not resist.

A clan of spirited kilts will find rest with the Gentleman gone.

Spiritus fugit



July 24, 2009

“You get so much from it

because you bring so much to it”

George L.

Gandhi in Munich

July 11, 2009

Gandhi in Munich

“There is enough in this world for each man’s need…not for each man’s greed”

Mahatma Gandhi

Take a deep breath

July 10, 2009

Of the vast expanse of dust we take

and return.

Of the vast expanse of water we take

and return.

Of the vast expanse of air we take

and return.

Of vastness itself we take

and return.

We return

everything we take.