Take a deep breath

July 10, 2009

Of the vast expanse of dust we take

and return.

Of the vast expanse of water we take

and return.

Of the vast expanse of air we take

and return.

Of vastness itself we take

and return.

We return

everything we take.




7 Responses to “Take a deep breath”

  1. ah yes, a conveyor running in and another running out.

    We change that which we take, but always return an equal quantity. We should all strive to make the return as valuable to the world as the take. I pick an apple. I use the energy to do good, and i compost the core. I’ve returned something as good or better than what i took.

    I know you know this. If only everyone else understood it.

  2. exuvia said

    We gasp for another breath, starve for the fruits of the earth and dig for water.

    Yet we hardly ever think about having to turn out what we took and take in.

    We live briefly and incontinent at the breast of the elements; we can not even hold on to a breath.

    In the beginning and at the end, is there anything True or essential about our Being in what we take in and have to return?

    The lasting value of life seems to be about action more than possession; more about doing than the impossible act of holding on to…

  3. ponch58 said

    It’s a dangerous road to travel, taking with the promise of return. All returns bear fingerprints and even the cleanest and slightest of touches leaves an acidic residue.

  4. Uncertainty principle right? It is absolutely impossible to observe anything without affecting it physically.

    You even look at it and it changes- proven in experiments.

  5. exuvia said

    “The world is thus.”

    “No Señor Hunter…
    thus have we made the world.

    Thus have I made it”

    The Mission 1986

  6. exuvia said

    It is too bad that the world now bears an acidic imprint from its human visitors built to die and not a more Utopian quality.

    Who, except a few pessimist thinkers, could have foreseen the devastating impact on Nature from the coming and going, from the going up and down in it, of disposable men and women?

    We come here with a return ticket, are genetically built to die, but did we have to trash the planet in revenge?

  7. exuvia said


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