Gandhi in Munich

July 11, 2009

Gandhi in Munich

“There is enough in this world for each man’s need…not for each man’s greed”

Mahatma Gandhi


3 Responses to “Gandhi in Munich”

  1. There is more than enough for us all, way more than enough. And with new technologies there is less and less need for humans to be engaged in uselessness like labour. By now we could all be living comfortably with all our needs met; people could be pursuing science, spirituality and culture. Instead %95 of the world is busy making and selling widgets so that some prick can get a 6th yacht.

  2. exuvia said

    Could have, would have and should have.

  3. exuvia said

    In between widgets, the attention catching sculptures of monotony, we cultivate the obvious fascism or imposition of statistics, religion and fashion, sifting out any nuance and difference in perspective. The mean, the measure that fits all, converts culture into monotony, Spirituality into a decoy and science into a sculpture of acceptable theory.

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