Johnnie Walks

July 27, 2009

In an age of globalization Johnnie has become a citizen of the world. He, just like so many other citizens of the global village out to find a better check or pay at all,  is packing his bags and leaving the Scottish nock which saw his birth. His career plan was long ago changed from the traditional perspective of place, position, seniority and tradition to the modern concept of a boundary less career. Johnnie is no longer a citizen of a particular place but a man of the world, free to look up the highest bidder, a nomad in the caravan of riches together with rock stars, unemployed, refugees, footballers and international CEO’s. “You move or you are dead” says Johnnie who walks his talk. If you thought that his walking stick was a mere question of rhetoric’s you were mistaken, not wrong but definitely mistaken… Some one made Johnnie an offer he could not resist.

A clan of spirited kilts will find rest with the Gentleman gone.

Spiritus fugit


One Response to “Johnnie Walks”

  1. Corporate has walked. Massive internationals have no loyalty to any one country any further than they need. We westerners make great customers, but we ask for too much as workers. As trade becomes more ‘free’, currency differences can be further exploited to support the corporate omnipotence.

    Ironically, culture, at least national culture, is probably safer today in poorer countries than it is in rich ones. Johnny can afford to walk, cause his income is actually worth something internationally. Many workers of the world have little options beyond walking to the next nearest textiles factory. No one gets out, no one wants in, it all helps to keep poor nationals national.

    Although i suppose its hard to produce much culture when youre forced to work long hours for pennies a day. Hopefully we’re all soon singing the songs of the new slave.

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