Climate change in your back yard

August 6, 2009

You can wear my hat…


I have seen few individuals making so much effort as Greg, a rather spirited, humorous and very didactic physics teacher, in order to promote a general understanding of science and in particular of the pressing issue of climate change.

I spent a few hours refreshing my logic and updating my information on the single most important issue for the present and coming generations.

Here is the URL to Greg’s videos:

They are short; 8 to 10 minutes each, highly relevant as well as amusing at times. Silly hats a bit of irony and a good grasp of the subject make this series worth a visit. One or two a day or as many as your attention span will allow you to digest would be my recommendation. Keep a sheet of paper and some coloring pens to jot along the drawings and concepts which appear before your minds eye as you listen and watch.

Enjoy, rage, laugh and applaud as you please. Find yourself wanting to know more and to realize that THIS IS IMPORTANT. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

See you later…


2 Responses to “Climate change in your back yard”

  1. ponch58 said

    Gotta a love a guy talking about global warming while burning various gases and chemicals. Hahaha

    Very informative! I enjoyed it.

  2. great video. If people were smarter and corporate stopped bombarding us with lies. There would be no debate over climate change.

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