Save the chickens LIVE

August 18, 2009

In an act of unprecedented solidarity with fellow feathers, Snowball, the Rock and Roller parrot, has been invited to Exuvia to perform to widen human appreciation for consciousness in other species.

Watch those legs and feathers drum out the beat. Snowball may not be a Hammerstein, may not posses the subtle music appreciation of a Beethoven but I see a spark.

Somewhere else a chicken returns to the earth through a human gut; a final voyage accompanied by the greasy angel of death.

Go Snowball go…


2 Responses to “Save the chickens LIVE”

  1. Looks like a goose-step, but its a parrot.

  2. exuvia said

    They use geese for watch dogs. Fetch!

    I once saw a documentary where geese bonded to a human. Intelligence dressed as human then flew them home.

    Wolves have accepted the hairless whelp and geese have let him mother their feathers but in general he pulls a gun on them or sets up a set of false steel teeth.

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