Consumer orgasm

August 22, 2009

The immoderate erethism of the world;

coming’, home, with a shopping tote.


The cry to STOP of a child or a whistle blower goes unnoticed in the general agitation towards the peak of consumerism; a climbing orgasm playing out in grand urban centers all over the world and destined to leave our eyes weeping and teeth gnashing. What has been an advantageous enclosure of life behind a benign atmosphere may soon have been made useless by the Prince of evolutionHomo Vastus.

The contraction of Nature produced by such an orgasm, accelerating, all the time, in pace and agitation towards its own climax is posed to submerge our planet and species in a long coma of refractory time during which the ecosystem recovers its potential for life on what was our planet. What that life will look like and how long a rest the planet needs can only be an educated guess. It is likely to take a very long time and that we as a species won’t be there to see Nature come back in her new mantle.

The once civilized man, who in struggle adapted and learned to live in profitable coexistence with Nature, has become modern and savage; has lost his innate understanding of his origin and utter dependence on Nature and become  a predator upon his own flesh and kin.

Greed forgets that balance depends on a JUST EXCHANGE and that the consequence of Hubris, of excess on one side of the scales or injustice, is Nemesis; a dark future…

‘Come’ …and get it.


To come alludes to a regular biological function related to procreation or the gestation of new life. Here the word is abused as a reference to what appears to be the unfortunate cultural foreplay to the birth of a rather difficult tomorrow.

Vastus (Lat) empty, desolate, waste.

If you liked this scribble you might want to read something I wrote, on those same lines, a while back:



2 Responses to “Consumer orgasm”

  1. Great image, i like how the loop goes back around the poor guy’s feet.

    There was a great special on discovery, can’t remember the name or id leave the link. What would happen if humans just disappeared? They said that basically 200 years and all trace of us would be gone except for some buried relics.

    But I’m sure the death of humanity will be slow and gruesome. Sure there may be a tipping point, an orgasm of waste which wipes out a massive slice of the populace. But there will surely be stragglers on who drag out the damage longer than a mere 200 years.

    Were the Mad Max characters environmentally Conscientious?

  2. exuvia said

    That was: LIFE AFTER PEOPLE, on the History Channel. A thought experiment trying to reveal in images how nature would reclaim the cultural waste left behind after the unexplained disappearance of mankind. Interesting.

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