Food Inc.

September 24, 2009

Please see a follow up to this post edited on the 15th march 2010


…I think it’s perfect

September 24, 2009


September 24, 2009

One is good, if it is a good one.

The myth of Why

September 18, 2009


The opportunity to ‘discover-decide’  why ones soul is bleeding allows a person to make sense of the situation.

In this ‘discovering-deciding’, do we lead, as in creating a meaning, or do we follow as in discovering a meaning? Both take place a posteriori; events have already occurred. It is a matter, now, of who gets to say why things have happened, I or destiny?

Which of the two paths to peace we take, in assisted mental metabolism or therapy, is of no functional importance; psychology does not reach out to the soul, it is about helping a mind in anguish.

When you carry a burden, meaning is helpful, whether you make it up or find it.

I usually tell myself:  “I found it”


“O Fortune, like the moon

you are changeable,

ever waxing

and waning;

hateful life

first oppresses

and then soothes

as fancy takes it”

FROM: O Fortuna – Carmina Burana – by Carl Orff

Addicted to good

September 15, 2009

I’m done for…


you see the world as it is

And you see the world as it could be.

What you don’t see

Is what everybody else sees,

The giant gaping chasm in between


Your not happy unless things are just right –

Which means two things:

  • Your a good boss
  • and you will never be happy.

FROM Dr. House, 2  Season, “Humpty Dumpty”

Milk without being

September 14, 2009

You have to love milk to write about it.

So there you have it, the give away, I’m writing about it.

Now this would be good news to the milk industry if it wasn’t for the fact that I love the raw material but not what they do to it.

In fact, I am so loyal to fresh milk that I would rather pour Coke on my granola than UHT and other industrial best sellers made from milk; and since drinking Coke, to me, is like asking me to bathe my soul in phosphoric acid, or drink from the breast of Monsanto (producer of the artificial sweetener Aspartame; a scare word in urban legend), the math is easy, it will never happen.

So even if I love milk I hate what they do to it. I stop drinking the mangled, washed out, overheated white wash; but that is just me.

They could push their milk mummies in tetra-pack or plastic coffins to some paint and glue factory. It would sell anyway. Here is my idea:

UHT glue “No harm to the environment, only to the milk”

Or what about a Bath Essence in plastic bottles: UHT milk and a sugar stirred honey imitation; no harm to the bees.

You Cleopatras out there don’t shy back from

A bath in UHT milk; “Full or skim, it’s completely harmless, except to the milk

If you put it on cool, people will think it is fresh; here is the key:

It is not what it is, it is how you present it

I am not the only one concerned about my milk, follow this for an interesting read:

This is a funny read for someone who has thrived for more than thirty years on a vegetarian diet. You begin to wonder if these people tried to put a nail in a wall with a rubber boot.

Know them well

September 8, 2009

Here is a link to a well researched summary on Monsanto:

Asimo 2

September 7, 2009

A while back a nifty little robot, cute looking in its non aggressive outfit, made me realize that we are designing our way towards extinction; shifting our focus away from Nature unto virtual lifeforms that do not need what is slowly becoming scarce.

These Kevlar-platinum-silicone images in the likeness of their human creators may one day harbor biological tissue, brains optimized for survival through exo-skeletal biospheres in an inhospitable environment such as the damaged ecosystem we are slowly producing.

Given the speed of our technological progress and with a little bit of trial and error robots  such as Asimo – I’m already making sure I spell his name right – will soon, very soon, recognize the world in bytes and pieces and will be able to act upon it in a deliberate manner… for good and for bad, until technological break down do us part.

Evolution works in mysterious ways…