Asimo 2

September 7, 2009

A while back a nifty little robot, cute looking in its non aggressive outfit, made me realize that we are designing our way towards extinction; shifting our focus away from Nature unto virtual lifeforms that do not need what is slowly becoming scarce.

These Kevlar-platinum-silicone images in the likeness of their human creators may one day harbor biological tissue, brains optimized for survival through exo-skeletal biospheres in an inhospitable environment such as the damaged ecosystem we are slowly producing.

Given the speed of our technological progress and with a little bit of trial and error robotsĀ  such as Asimo – I’m already making sure I spell his name right – will soon, very soon, recognize the world in bytes and pieces and will be able to act upon it in a deliberate manner… for good and for bad, until technological break down do us part.

Evolution works in mysterious ways…


2 Responses to “Asimo 2”

  1. alpinmack said

    Yes, I see this as a very real possibility in our lifetimes. Part of me (the sci-fi nerd) is excited at what this could bring about in culture, commerce, labor markets, and space travel. But the other part (human) is rather frightened. I know you saw my post about the robots that could eat humans, but I’ll leave a link here in case anyone else is interested.
    Also, I was wondering if you could add my site to your blogroll. I have a link to yours up on my blog. It’s totally up to you, but I would appreciate it. Thanks for your well thought out insight into whatever we happen to be debating at the time. Cheers!


  2. exuvia said

    Hi Dan,

    well come back. I can understand the excitement that access to Power provides the human mind; how is the biblical phrase… the fleshy mind.

    It is extremely tempting to do-whatever-we-can. The only limit we seem to accept is the impossible.
    We will obviously not stop, we must be stopped.

    When the impossible has substituted ethics as the finish line for human endeavor we are on our way to extinction. We will stop only when human life has become impossible.

    Like a child bringing his-her finger closer and closer to the fire; we will only be stopped by our limit to tolerate pain.

    Thank you for the link to the flesh eating robot on your Blog. I will include it again on my front page when I pick up and write on the theme of absurd invention. Here it remains a bit hidden in the hope of another commentator finding it.

    I like linking to other peoples blog’s directly in my posts.Front page and a reference in an active context. It seems to direct on a want to know more basis.

    We have had an interesting debate on GMO on your site. I can only recommend a visit to the heated debate you stirred up around Monsanto’s god child, the seed of life and their economic venture masquerading as a solution to hunger.

    A toast! to deep thought; to looking behind the surface


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