Of the essence

December 2, 2009

Ethics is not a supplement to human life, it is it’s essence.

Without ethics man is not man but an animal.


2 Responses to “Of the essence”

  1. Douglas Coupland said writing, smoking and weightlifting separated man from animals.

    But its true, animals are going to act on their own wishes. Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to tear each other apart in self interest. Often it is in a creature’s best interest to be good and hey, If you love everything, you don’t really need ethics to make you peaceful.

    Ethics is only possible if you can reason, make the best logical choices. Animals don’t get violent for greed or pleasure, how are we the ones making “reasoned” decisions?

  2. exuvia said

    Hunger, fear, territorial claims and sexuality need no thought. They resolve themselves at the limbic level of the nervous tissue we share with other species unless a higher level of the nervous system interferes.

    Humans are particularly well equipped from the Neo cortex to question the validity of an immediate response to the biological invitation arising from the lower nervous strata or to pursue a creative answer to the same; immediately or later.

    The gap between the rung of lower species and the creative rational animals we are is manifest as a particular innate awareness of right and wrong to which we may or may not decide to listen. We can and often do favor a lower organization of life.

    Though ethical awareness reveals itself in humans it does not impose itself in the decision making. It is therefore choice, or, mind over matter, which defines the ethical and only man.

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