The Prince of the Power of the Air

February 1, 2010

The ammonia synthesis – fixation of nitrogen from air – realized by Fritz Haber, a German Jewish 1918 Nobel laureate, yielded “bread from air”, “gunpowder from air” and “poison from air”

The acquired mass production of nitrogen was essential to advance from a traditional agriculture to an industrial exploitation of soil.

Angel and demon, the molecular product of his mind also became the tool of death: Zyklon B, used to end the lives of millions of Jews, including many members of his own family, in the chambers of concentration. The Haber Rule was based on his mathematical formula for the concentration of gas and the time of exposure needed to assure DEATH.

This legacy of his mind together with his cyanide gas formulation became a golem, an abomination of science, giving rise to a deadly world of fumes.

A gas, he thought, to win the war.

In peace for mankind, in war for the country

Fritz Haber

1868 – 1934


3 Responses to “The Prince of the Power of the Air”

  1. dafna said

    yes please continue to blog and post.

    your esoteric and ephemeral comments are sometimes the only ones that make sense to my foggy mind.

    i have aphasia.

  2. Brutal, makes me wonder about moral responsibility. If i were to discover something scientifically amazing, should i even tell anyone? Since most of the people running the world seem to be hell bent on evil, wouldn’t giving them any new power be considered itself an evil act.
    I mean, you just don’t put an axe in the axe murderer’s hands.

  3. exuvia said

    “you just don’t put an axe in the axe murderer’s hands.”

    Don’t you?

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