The Animan

February 3, 2010

The link between men and animals are occupied by animen or humals.

Animen fall into one of two categories: An ascending group lead by the centaur; the beast with a strikingly human soul and the descending group led by the minotaur; the human appearance with a soul closely affiliated to the animal.

To the untrained eye, both appear in the garb of the evolutionary niche they are about to abandon. The horse or ascending animan will look like a horse and it takes time and perception to establish its  combined and transitory nature. The same is true for animen that look human. At first the beast is not at all plain to see; several sessions of close interaction, however, will not fail to bring out their deeper nature.

The taxonomy was abandoned due to an either-or principle in science.

Pablo Picasso – Minotaur


3 Responses to “The Animan”

  1. Such arrogance right? Its always been there. Got to be some way that we’re better than animals, lets declare ourselves of a different classification. hmmmm, . . . .I think I’m better than those people from that dirty country too, there’s got to be some way of classifying myself as better than them as well. Oh and that poor family across town, I need something better than a Lexus SUV that could differenciate them from myself. One way or another I’ve got to push inferiors down out of my class so that i can more easily associate myself with superiors who are in turn trying to push me down with their damn Porche SUVs.

    I’ve seen what animals do and I’ve seen what humans do. Who is really ascending/decending?

  2. exuvia said

    “Who is really ascending/descending?”

    Both is my estimation.

    If Justice is a reality then we earn a place at the table with the ones we serve and we surrender our place at the table to those we abuse or take advantage of. That allows for ascending and descending according to merit. Animals up, humans down.

    In Natures catalog the human form is a+ – the a stands for animal and the plus for rationality – A+ covers all the lower grades and past lessons. A+ is a good grade and opens certain privileges in Aceldame, the field of blood. But a privilege can be abused and lost; a talent mishandled and forlorn.

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