Heaven on Earth

June 8, 2010

Hello fellow wanderers, soul searchers and pacifists; fellow and fallopian sojourners in the hall of mirrors we call the world.

Here is a view at us reflected as a species in the mirror of statistics:


Our garden of soil and toil has become a field of tension and conflict; religious, political, ecological and economic.

Here are a few questions I ask myself:

Has my presence eased or increased the tension and conflict in any of these fields?

Is it me on the map?

Have I broadened my mind, softened my heart and extended a hand?

Have I increased or lessened my demand on the planet?

Is my lifestyle an aggravation or an attenuation of things to come?

The future is now.


7 Responses to “Heaven on Earth”

  1. Exuvia:

    Just saw your post. Thanks for thinking of Heaven on Earth. I’ve got a Facebook Group devoted to this topic. It’s: Project Heaven on Earth. I invite you to join.

  2. exuvia said

    Welcome Martin,

    I’m not on Facebook but will certainly look for your page and to its content.

  3. exuvia said

    Martin, before arriving at your project page I stumbled to search for Facebook and heaven on earth and found this catchy phrase worth a smile and a thought:

    “God made Heaven and Earth, and the rest was made in China.”

  4. exuvia said

    Ups! “Firefox can’t find the server at http://www.projectheavenonearth.”

    But this one works:

  5. exuvia said

    Martin, this phrase on your page at facebook caught my eye: “present and aware to everything”

    This would imply a fearless and unbiased state of being; courage and openness of mind; certainly worth having.

    Beautiful project you have launched. Thank you.


  6. ALE said

    Hi Exuvia, here’s something for you to enjoy.
    (you are always with me)


  7. exuvia said

    Thanks Ale,

    I really enjoyed the images at icpawards; their style and content.

    I was taken by the NORTH POLE sign held above the water by a few square centimeters of ice.

    Keep giving color to the world; you are an important artist.

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