Eye see you

June 17, 2010

The following is a small extract from the latest release notes on Google Earth 5.2

“Visualize your hiking, biking, and running tracks

Google Earth has always been a great tool for viewing your outdoor activities, whether it be hiking, running, biking, skiing, sailing, or just about any other way you choose to explore the world.”

I see the following:

You explore the streets and we all watch you; never again get lost to the world community. All you have to do is to carry, voluntarily or involuntarily a tracking device. The same come minute these days and can be incorporated into a body, from birth, if so desired.

Here are some amazing details about the new tracking capabilities of Google Earth

“ …we’ve added the ability to view elevation, speed, and other data as a graph directly in Google Earth. Just connect your GPS device to upload your track… You can also see statistics such as total elevation, maximum slope, and average speed. You can select a portion of your ride and get statistics for just that section.”

I would immediately invest the 500 US $ for the Pro version if I were the Minister of Defense or in charge of Homeland Security and Foreign Surveillance. Think what this could do to look in on the whereabouts of migrating dolphins, whales and why not to look in on the whereabouts of you. Every move could be on the record for scientific and legal investigations. Lost on a mountain side on a Sunday hike or just trying to hide from your surroundings, not a problem, the public eye is there to find you. Log in today.

Is this exciting?

If you should be off line and they need you to be online your device could technically be reactivated at a distance; something like opening a valve on a mechanic device put down on the moon from a command room on Cape Canaveral; or how about just opening your car with a satellite remote.

The possibilities for control and intervention are almost unlimited; but where is the limit? And who gets to draw the line?

Seen from the sky:

Somewhere in Chad.

Image found at blogoscoped.com and at the coordinates: 15.298683 19.429651

Full text for release notes on Google Earth 5.2 here:



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