Hands on experience

August 6, 2010

Ted talks  must be one of the most serious, thoughtful and worthwhile places to go for well processed information about deep issues.

Here is a front seat to listen to Rebecca Saxe and ponder the implications of others being able to enter the recess of your brain with an electro magnetic current and change your state of mind;  their hands on your experience; totalitarian state delight.

After the current you will know better…

“Please tell me that you are not taking calls from the Pentagon say”

“I am not”

“I mean they are calling but I am not taking the call”

“They really are calling?”

Affirmative nodding.

So there, enhanced moral judgment at the tip of a finger;  a possible preemptive strike at aversion where it begins; temporal functional change of your brain, no scarring and no memory of the manipulation.

What might be the odds of a young scientists idealistic hope to do good with her discovery against the muscle of totalitarian pragmatism in defense of the homeland; this struggle lies in the future; place your bets.

Code red:

Compare the graph of a neutral mood against the graph of aversion.

Imagine this incident:

“Sir, we are sorry, but you have to be neutral in order to enter”.

“If you would allow us to perform a small electromagnetic discharge to your brain we could let you board the plane right after”.

“Just sign here for your consent”

“And don’t feel upset, these are just general precautions”

IMAGE SOURCE:  http://www.pnas.org/content/103/38/14200/F1.expansion.html


2 Responses to “Hands on experience”

  1. That’s a new iphone app isn’t it?

  2. exuvia said

    That sound like a reasonable development; you shouldn’t have to take a chance with what I’m saying, peak into my brainwaves and KNOW if I’m faking my smile or actually hostile towards you.

    That could be helpful when faced with Automaton love; the client has a right to know…he is king isn’t he? Push a button and discover their groove.

    Have a nice day… and check this out; you could look behind the Lords prayer and understand why these people love to go to war.

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