Shit across the water

August 20, 2010

Shit across the water, water, shiiit… across the sea.

Iron men from all over the world, 1700 strong, met to compete during Challenge Copenhagen only to finish with intestinal infections due to a late warning against using the ocean, before the beach of Amager, as a clean ocean.

With sewage pipes overflowing from heavy rain the ocean had an extra dose of fecal runoff and the bacteria and virus that inhabit the underground went to Sea. They always do, but normally not in such high concentrations.

Under these conditions the competing swimmers made their way through 3,8 km of infested ocean and some took ill from it.

It looked good, it felt good but it wasn’t.


3 Responses to “Shit across the water”

  1. ALE said

    Horrible!!! and what about the ocean life? los pobres peces y toda la vida del mar??

    • exuvia said

      There are many points to be taken from this story; the fact that the increasing population in the world dumps an increasing amount of waste, organic and chemical, into the one and only ocean, source of biological life as we know it.

      Yes, it was a bad moment for the temporal visitors to the sea, but, as you point out, there are living creatures out there whose habitat is being threatened by human culture; human existence is being threatened by human culture.

      Science is beginning to warn of a total collapse of the biosphere within approx. 200 years. My son can have a go at it but the children of his children…

      I imagine reports will continue to appear and that their tone will rise from curiosity and warning to an out cry.

      Iron-men are only an excuse to look into the water.

  2. ALE said

    Looking into the water this is so sad, but true my dear friend…and of course not only our beautiful ocean is in danger.
    This is something that is always in my mind.
    But I was thinking, what can I do? apart from simply things that we do at home.
    Maybe this feeling can give me enough motivation to continue painting, there are some of this ideas in 2 or 3 of my last paintings but I want to do some more and explore this matter and show a message through my colors, but not in a negative way like showing the ugliness that is waiting for us in 200 years, but showing the beauty that we still have now, and the importance of loving it, appretiate, admire and take care of it as a treasure, cause we do have a treasure…what happened to us, why we can not see it anymore?
    Nature is so perfect, but not human nature

    (sorry for my english jajjaja)

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