Why meditate

August 30, 2010

At the University of California scientists have found that the brain is a beehive of activity when exploring new information such as novel experience; at least in the rats they have studied. The new data obtained from the study has to do with our memory function; rats cannot remember, for long, at least, much of the new information they encounter during their adventures of the day, if they do not take a break.

Too much information is simply too much of a good thing and hinders long term memory; we need to chill and get Zen with it.

That blank stare into space, which you used to disqualify as unproductive, might just be the ingredient that makes every thing else fall into place and worth your while.

Cell phone galore and real time updates of everything from e-mail, to Facebook and Twitter; never ending music and other listening activities, meetings and conversations; they all take a toll on attention.

So why not be Zen-sible about your time; give your brain some downtime; we forget too much, too quickly, if we do not take pauses between experience.

Off line is good.


3 Responses to “Why meditate”

  1. ALE said

    Totally agree
    I love it
    Thank you

  2. I don’t know, if people stopped to let their brains catch up, they might realize how shallow and pointless their existence is.. . .Could cause a whole lot of depression and decreased productivity.

  3. exuvia said

    Decreased productivity… just what we need. Down time. Time to heal and regenerate.

    Life has to be re conceptualized. We need a new paradigm.

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