Don Mills

February 16, 2011

Heroes come in all sizes and all ages.

I have just met one: Don Mills

He was deservedly featured on freshly pressed a few days ago for the following blog post: In Praise of Young People

Allow me to recommend you go there and read; you may laugh, you may weep, you may do both.


Mr. Mills has done it again! Fearless in his intelligent face off with adolescence.

It is funny, funny, funny…

6 Responses to “Don Mills”

  1. I laughed until I wept. Thanks! 🙂

  2. exuvia said

    You are very welcome.

    He is quite a mirror. I find him thought provoking; a real stir.


  3. exuvia said

    I’ve imported the following quote from your Blog:

    “Frankenstein’s creation evolves into a monster because of the absence of a strong father figure.”

    Seems fitting to Don’s rant about youth.

    Culture has banned the abusive Freudian super ego and legislated for absolute freedom of human expression. Anything less than crime and murder goes.

    Barred by law from any disciplinary measure,
    Dad is a silent witness to the limitless self indulgence of the enfant terrible.

    Who or what has taken the place of Sigmund’s Father?

  4. He’s great! -“they walk around in their droopy-assed slacks, ridiculous foot wear and exposed underpants looking like a cross between a circus clown and a 10 cent prostitute”. . . .In his day a prostitute could be had for a dime! hahaha. Definitely sharing.

  5. Greetings. It’s Andy the ranter again. I appreciate your taking an interest in some of my artistic expression, and I quite enjoy yours. Especially the amazing garden photos you’ve put up lately. I am an avid gardener myself.

  6. exuvia said

    Hi Andy,
    garden! not war…


    Wake up and smell the soil!

    I know, they all build on the past but I hope to provide a continuum for change.

    Glad to have you visit

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