April 1, 2011

I liked the following comment to a beautiful musical video by Lisa Gerrard:

There is a pervasive loss in the world, people stumbling around in the dark, blinded and misled. But if you notice the small, and not just the large, you would see that people are turning away, one by one, because they are overwhelmed by an intense feeling of unsatisfaction. It’s like a rain wearing away at the stubborn stone; give it time, and it will move.


Here is a link to the video Serenity by Lisa Gerrard


2 Responses to “ChronusEternus”

  1. westwood said

    Who would have anticipated our modern vehicles of wisdom?

  2. exuvia said

    Blinding, misleading, fountains of modern wisdom on how, what, where and when to…

    Right now I feel nostalgic. Shoulder high summer grass and the mind of a six year old; the wild garden behind my house buzzing with colorful bugs and promises. That was then.

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