A bed of roses

June 15, 2011

… It is if you can sleep standing up.


4 Responses to “A bed of roses”

  1. exuvia said

    That gives a whole new meaning to spinal column.

  2. Very nice, yours? I’d love to have roses, but living downtown there isn’t a lot of good options. I do have a great Honeysuckle though that survived in a pot over the Toronto winter. All in i have about 50 varieties of flowers on my deck- mostly annuals.

  3. exuvia said

    50 kinds of flowers is not bad for an urban jungle. Shows your sensitive nature.

    The beautiful physical backdrop of my present residence belongs to old friends who are kind enough to share their lives and space in the countryside with me.

    Long term I am headed for a larger metropole on the European continent.

    My rather sporadic postings during the last many months are related to the time dedicated to this substantial change in my life. More months ahead are sure to be spent on the same project wherefore postings are likely to continue to be sparse and short in their extent. Still, here and there, now and then, a post or two are unavoidable.

    Stay in touch

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