What matters most

October 17, 2011

“Yes, I understood when Noam spoke of the power of his work. I had always thought of intelligence as power, the supreme power. Understanding is not the means of mastery, but the end itself (see Spinoza). This belief, pushed through the dark channels of the libido, emerged as the determinant of my sexual preferences. I am only attracted to men who I believe to be more intelligent than I am. A detected mistake in logic considerably cools my desire. They can be shorter, they can be weaker, they can be poorer, they can be meaner, but they must be smarter. For the smart are the masters in my mattering region. And if you gain power over them, then through the transitivity of power you too are powerful.”

The Mind-Body Problem by Rebecca Goldstein

Short, weak, poor and mean! you would have to be blond to hanker after diamonds.

…Though I imagine there would be nothing wrong with having it all: gold assets, a strong libido and a fierce intelligence. Jack pot! in terms of attraction. You would be the honey where it matters; the master of secure attachment.


[Foto: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blentley/2951836266/in/photostream/]


7 Responses to “What matters most”

  1. Richard said

    I have sought in vain for a comment to match the intelligence of this post.

    I must be close to extinction.

  2. exuvia said

    There may be a B list of sorts; in war for example, the strong have gone to the front – who knows when or if they are coming back – Money is scarce and the intelligentsia has been systematically eliminated as enemies of the regime.

  3. Lichanos said

    I don’t think I’m catching the gist of this post, but as for the book, it didn’t do anything for me. See my review:


  4. exuvia said

    Welcome Lichanos,

    I was 17 when the girl in front of me said: Do you catch my drift? Whether I blushed or not only she could tell. In my mind the word drift translated into an expression of indecency – at 17 I wasn’t averse to indecency, tout le contraire! just surprised at her female frankness; My next days were spent in unmerited excitement. Anyone who is a native English speaker will know why.
    To me English is a second language as is that of the other sex; but I like to learn.

    I was again excited, hopefully justifiably so, when my eyes fell upon the concept of the “mattering region” and how one may become a “master” in the region where it matters.

    Having a slight knowledge of neuropsychology I felt empowered to try to understand.

    I know; t’is a task nigh impossible, but I’m a fool and not an angel.

    Scanning the text for the proper qualities one needs to possess in order to attract and secure female commitment I mused at the fact that intellect could be a winner in the mating game. It has been stated that diamonds were a girls best friend but no, neither diamonds nor kindness could matter more than a brilliant mind.

    In a scheme of nature where variety is an asset to the species it seems that there are females desirous of every male characteristic out, or in, there; every body gets an opportunity to bond, but some bonds seem stronger than others.

    We are all ‘sweet’ in some manner but no one sweeter than he who possesses the triple crown of mind, body and wealth.

    The title could have been: what matters most to a woman – my experience is that everything matters, but some things matter more.

    Best wishes

  5. exuvia said

    PS. I shall take a look at your book review when opportunity comes. Thank you for the link.

  6. Lichanos said

    In a similar vein, Casanova remarked that the most seductive part of a woman’s body was her mind.

  7. exuvia said

    MIND OVER MATTER takes on a whole new significance here.

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