December 31, 2011


The ability most dangerous to lose, is the ability to doubt ones own infallibility; the ability to doubt whether one is right.

Lars Hviid

Notes to Jasmine

December 27, 2011


Art is dying in this world so is listening, as the world becomes more full of toys and special effects. With this death will come the undoing of many possible feelings: beautiful, tender, deep, trusting, true, sad, full of internal meaning and color. Closeness won’t have to necessarily be physical. Intimacy will be hard to find. Communication will be lost.

Keith Jarrett

Stony ground

December 21, 2011

– Some seeds fell upon stony places –

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December 18, 2011

guitar played by Dietmar Hermkes

Citrus in space

December 9, 2011

Every year swarms of citrus migrate to reproduce in the much warmer climates on earth. Worldwide aviation is placed in a state of alert when blood oranges and mandarins pass the sharp blades of their turbines and turn into juice.

Jung and beautiful

December 8, 2011

„Our external fates are of interest to people, what happens to us on the inside is only of interest to a friend”’

“Nuestras vidas por afuera llaman la atención de la gente, lo que sucede en nuestro interior solo interesa al amigo

„Unsere äußeren Schicksale interessieren die Menschen, die inneren nur den Freund

C. G. Jung


December 6, 2011

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Burning Bush

December 6, 2011

Kate Bush – The Sensual World



December 6, 2011


should be made

as simple as possible

but not simpler”

Albert Einstein