June 25, 2012

What be the core of a trillion suns, the node of all beginning?


Frozen Summer

June 24, 2012


Frozen Summer

All rights Exuvia 2012

To be read with the proper British accent:

If the world is a stage William, life is only a matter of giving and taking roles?

Yes Exuvia, to play or not to play the role that is the question!

But I thought there was more to it

No…that is it.

Makes me feel a bit dizzy really, a bit nauseous, kind of empty; know what I mean?

I do…


It does not cease to amaze me, the legal and illegal, the overt and covert, the private and governmental abuse and manipulation the ordinary internet user is exposed to every time he makes use of the internet.

Every time you point your cursor at the web the web points a myriad of cursors towards you.

You hear and read about it, you feel it and see it, how they invade your hard drive, your browser and your operating system. You look at the surface of your desktop but beneath it, today, nothing is what it was six months ago …and you did nothing or little to create those changes.

Your system and programs morph as they are automatically updated; stuff is added and your computer made into a crystal for the interested to observe and learn. You are often the last to know or never will. Data is imported and exported to and from your personal computer without your consent. Many out there know you better than you do yourself.

You toy with virtual walls, antivirus and malware programs and hope for the best while the worst in bait and hook tactics and wolves dressed as your grandmother,  seems still to come.

No wonder that governments arm themselves with geeks and nerds, moral an immoral,  for an internet war; defense and attack. On a private level you can fiddle with your water pistol

The mythical tree of knowledge of good and evil has a real life competitor in the world wide web

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FireShot screen capture