July 3, 2012

“Time, the consoler, Time, the rich carrier of all changes, dries the freshest tears by obtruding new figures, new costumes, new roads, on our eye, new voices on our ear.

As the west wind lifts up again the heads of the wheat which were bent down and lodged in the storm, and combs out the matted and disheveled grass as it lay in night-locks on the ground, so we let in time as a drying wind into the seed-field of thoughts which are dark and wet and low bent. Time restores to them temper and elasticity.

How fast we forget the blow that threatened to cripple us. Nature will not sit still; the faculties will do somewhat; new hopes spring, new affections twine and the broken is whole again.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



If, behind the human form, we assume the standard, occidental mainstream and scientific model of evolution, then mankind is built upon, and an extension of, the animals below us.

We stand upon the shoulders, and other members; skeletal and nervous, of many beasts, and benefit, today, from their past success.

Though it seems rather doubtful, it remains to be seen, whether or not, Nature, in the human form, has come up with the ultimate ability to survive. If not, humans shall, sooner or later, become a part of natural history; another fossil in the record of the great tree of evolving life.

– Fossil record –

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