Just another fossil in the record?

July 3, 2012

If, behind the human form, we assume the standard, occidental mainstream and scientific model of evolution, then mankind is built upon, and an extension of, the animals below us.

We stand upon the shoulders, and other members; skeletal and nervous, of many beasts, and benefit, today, from their past success.

Though it seems rather doubtful, it remains to be seen, whether or not, Nature, in the human form, has come up with the ultimate ability to survive. If not, humans shall, sooner or later, become a part of natural history; another fossil in the record of the great tree of evolving life.

– Fossil record –

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3 Responses to “Just another fossil in the record?”

  1. Richard said

    Can we be sure the tree of evolving life itself will survive?

    • exuvia said

      In my mind the tree continues but in the past large branches seem to have broken off and vanished in dust and ashes. Such an event could repeat itself and we could be a leaf on a twig on that branch and never again appear on the tree with the same mask.

      • exuvia said

        or even reappear further down the forceful current of Time depending on how deeply imbedded in rock lies buried the natural impulse to bring forth a human being from silt and gravel

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