Perpetual mobility

October 27, 2012

Out of steam came water, then ice; from this burning came a solid. Then cold earth melted into fire, into… thin air… into the discrete glowing Universe of all beginning

…taking on, and losing, shapes, state and stage by stage and state… between the impossible beginning of a circle and the deathless dying of never ending… the circuit of errant souls and vagabonds, of journeymen and fools.


The science of medication

October 25, 2012

What did we offer before man was sent into a chemical Gulag, a for-profit, privately run, neuro-chemical camp, goaded by an assumed synaptic helplessness and a credulous belief in the science of medication…

Coming to peace

October 22, 2012

…The negative ego of guilt and self loathing must also be given up… just as the positive vain or proud and self confident. An as is and was …with an open mind for a future less invested in personal failure and success…

Is it hard to imagine the layers of skin, the dust of bones,  the flesh of a herd of what was once alive and roaming …tilled into the soil …forming part of a crust, of a field …now sunk, now raised, now flooded, then dry, then burning, now covered with snow… a dough of stones and ashes, of dust and boulders awaiting the rain and the roots of the sun to rise again as living stones…


October 18, 2012

A longitudinal study of only a handful of billions of years hides the fact of eternal coming and going …of the Universe dying, as everything in it, and being born again, as everything in it… as life in form, shift shaping across the aeons… re-embodiments of a mysterious force …outliving every state …and stage.


October 16, 2012

How much lifetime must we get before we forget… how much is left when we discover …that time ages life as a parasite drains a host…