October 18, 2012

A longitudinal study of only a handful of billions of years hides the fact of eternal coming and going …of the Universe dying, as everything in it, and being born again, as everything in it… as life in form, shift shaping across the aeons… re-embodiments of a mysterious force …outliving every state …and stage.


3 Responses to “Hidden”

  1. Richard said

    The book Cycles of Time by Roger Penrose is a physical/mathematical treatment of this very insight.

  2. exuvia said

    Thanks for the pointer… I shall take a look at how math deals with transcendence… exiting!!

    if I´m not over at your blog these days with a comment it has to do with a deadline I have to meet… next week it´s over… for the-time-being.
    I go to peak… I like your sensitive poetry

    My very best

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