We are not our acts and we do not our Being.

Committed to respect for our Being, I admire, lift my brow, laugh and cry at what we do. Should I point towards impossible attitudes and conducts; my own, yours or theirs – as they appear to my eye – and hold one, both or all of us responsible, know this, it is never essentially to who we are but to what we do.

I write to share, so thank you for coming by and taking interest!  Though I’m still not writing on a day to day basis, one of these… we may coincide, or collide, to share our laughs, fears and insights.

Yours truly

Since this is a Blog to think about and not a place dedicated to the news, I would love to hear your thoughts, even at the latest of hours, on any of the subjects raised for your perusal in previous posts. They should all be fairly timeless. Just write your comment in the appropriate post, it should get to me by mail.

A truth late in arriving is far better than timely nonsense.

Should your thoughts challenge my pen and my temperament, I invite you to write them anyway. In the sum of both, or somewhere, in what we leave out, an aspect of reality is waiting to be perceived.

It goes without saying – but better with – that any text on this blog, not quoted as that of somebody else, belongs to my musings; and the rights, to copy etc. that go with them, to me.


10 Responses to “About Exuvia”

  1. seeleelive said

    You have a very similar outlook as my therapist. He is very spiritual, which I very much admire.

  2. exuvia said

    Thank you, appreciate your feedback.

  3. Martín Mora said

    You have a very similar point of view as my therapist too.

  4. exuvia said

    Martin me encanta tu sentido de humor. Es siempre un placer compartir contigo.


  5. paarsurrey said

    Hi friend excuvia

    I thank you for inviting me to your blog and to share my thoughts with you. But unfortunately my comments don’t get published; these get discarded or end up in the spam and don’t get displayed.

    I love your thinking.

    I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

  6. exuvia said

    I do not know, why you ended up in the word-press Spam net. I have corrected your entry and welcome to Exuvia.

    If you find anything here that sets your thoughts in motion I would love to have you share.

    In friendship

  7. Juan F said

    Hi Exuvia

    Thanks for sharing the forceful outcomes of your reflections. Though they may seem simple and didactic, they are actually deep remarks that awake my awareness about daily isuues of my life, which I have taken for granted, and most of the time, I have accepted as an established way of living, such us nutritional concerns and the reflections about my own existence.

    Best regards

    Juan F

  8. exuvia said


    your words to my reflections and our way of life are very much appreciated.

    Things are and will be changing by the force of consequence. When foresight is not our strength, hindsight will become our new wisdom.


  9. theresa said

    Enjoyed your Rocky/sedentary post.
    and a quote about truth showing up late
    At 49, I have just started my new direction of movement versus sleep & sofa. I came across your blog simply by typing in “sedentary anonymous” thinking perhaps there would be a site for people new to activity.

    Keep writing & posting your thoughts. You never know when they will encourage someone!!

    • exuvia said

      Dear Theresa,

      your words of encouragement are well received.
      I read `exclamation` and you wrote twice. Thank you…

      It is nice …to be found in our infinite sea of words.
      I think this is a call to brave the bed-track barrier once again.

      Warm regards

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