One or the other

May 9, 2013

One dwells within

the other is an errant tent.

One is silent

the other cries out.

One is sitting in the garden

the other moans before the wall.

One is a Light

the other lights a candle.

One is without burden

the other is a stone.

Have you met the other?

…This is how Adam changed

Clay -  foto Exuvia 2013 small

– Clay –

All rights Exuvia 2013


Angers little war

April 17, 2013

War is ever enmity with Love, shadow and not Light …a siding with error. Who takes up evil in assurance, is himself surety… his soul a future stone.

War is darkness… a sinister wing, its victory a heavy burden of flesh and blood; a prize lost as it is won.

Waster of lives… How did you obtain allegiance?

GUSTAV DORE - detail

Detail from a work by French engraver Paul Gustav Doré

The Angel of peace

February 19, 2013

The Angel of peace

– The Angel of peace –

Exuvia 2013

The Garden Angel

July 17, 2011

– The Garden Angel –

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