The case of Adam Eve

February 25, 2013

Judge: Would you mind telling the court something about your circumstances

Adam: I was initially alone; began my life from scratch; my wife came later …we didn’t possess much.

Judge: Were you allowed to keep animals on the property?

Adam. Yes your Honour, we were allowed and kept all kinds of animals, sheep and lions, wolves and goats…

Judge: Were you aware of the fact that you were going to be asked to leave the garden?

Adam: No your Honour, it was a surprise both to my wife and to my self.

Judge: Did you sign any papers when you received the garden?

Adam: No your Honour, it was His Word

Judge: Did you make any improvements on the property while in the Garden.

Adam: There was no need; we pretty much got along with what was there.

Judge: At termination were you awarded any kind of severance?

Adam: No your Honour, We got a few skins and were asked to leave

And then He put that guard in front of the entrance.

Judge: How many years were you in possession of the property?

Adam: from the very beginning; I was born there; spent every day of my life in that place.

Judge: On the day of the event were you passing hunger?

Adam: No your Honour we got along fine with a few things off of a bush and a tree; honey was plenty and milk was never scarce.

Judge: How many apples did you say you took?

Adam: One! Your Honour. Just one! And I didn’t take more than one bite.

Judge: Do you have anything to say to your defence?

Adam: I didn’t know then what the consequences were going to be. Who would have thought that a bit of fruit would get you into so much trouble?


Whenever more is had than what is given who is to pay or surrender the difference?

Nature has held her breast to the unnatural scheme of human profit but is now slowly drying up. She has picked up the tab of the indirect cost of profit or unjust retribution that has altered the face of the piece of solar front property we call the Earth.

-The Court is adjourned in the case: Nature versus Mankind. All please rise.

-Will mankind please take the stand and swear to tell the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

-Is it not true that you were given a world in a state of plenty?

-It is.

-And is it not a fact that you have…

-The Court declares Mankind guilty of repeated acts of unfair exchange and orders Mankind to return an equal price in flesh and blood in retribution for the sum total of all damage inflicted upon Nature. Payments shall be made by the present and future generations in full settlement of the debt incurred.

-The sentence is final, appeal is denied and the case is closed!

Shall the natural measure of Justice become our next paradigm? No profit, no gain on investment, only an equal and fair retribution or return. You give a tooth you get a tooth; you give an eye you get an eye and so on and so forth.