Sometimes what you look at look back at you - Exuvia 2016 - small

Sometimes what you look at looks back at you

By Exuvia 2016


One or the other

May 9, 2013

One dwells within

the other is an errant tent.

One is silent

the other cries out.

One is sitting in the garden

the other moans before the wall.

One is a Light

the other lights a candle.

One is without burden

the other is a stone.

Have you met the other?

…This is how Adam changed

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– Clay –

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Our means

March 9, 2013

words are the distance they pretend to cover… flesh the gap it tries to bridge.

The monkey mind

February 28, 2013



The monkey is reaching for the moon

   in the water.

Until death overtakes him

   he will never give up.

If he would let go the branch and

   disappear into the deep pool.

The whole world would shine with

   dazzling clearness.


Hakuin Zenji (1686-1769)

The decrepit hour

February 24, 2013

The decrepit hour

Strands of gray light call forth the feeble hour. Who remembers now his infant dawn, descending upon a frame of thought? To awaken instinct with soil, to sleep in shrouds of dust, his youthful morning rising?

No innocence left, who shall draw the blade of Truth – decry nakedness, and sound retreat to leave an empty world of stone?

Coming to peace

October 22, 2012

…The negative ego of guilt and self loathing must also be given up… just as the positive vain or proud and self confident. An as is and was …with an open mind for a future less invested in personal failure and success…

Flesh and blood

August 6, 2012

Bodies make no promises; they have no tomorrow, only now.

Itzy bitzy tiny…

February 10, 2010

Though the Universe is by no means bottomless and limitless, it must seem so from the sum of all human labor.

Imagine man the size of an ant making his way through a rug. Beyond that house is a park and outside that palace’s premises lie other lawns and livings.

What does the colony of ants living there know from perception, from perspective and experience? Shall it grasp the concept of a town …or a shire, having been carried off by a bird? Having  seen a palette of distant lights spread out over a canvas of darkness, shall it conclude that space is much bigger than home and the road much longer than many lives’ worth of travel?

We are small in comparison to the Universe and possess the fruit of wisdom relative to our condition.

Alas! Thought itself is a prison unable to take one further than the depth, height and length of its excursions.

The palace grounds of the mind seem endless and absorb every effort of our  ‘day’; thus we exhaust in our explorations and fade long before we reach the garden wall.

So big is the enclosure and so small the occupants that without any hope of escape,  ‘ants’ can enjoy a sense of unlimited freedom.