One or the other

May 9, 2013

One dwells within

the other is an errant tent.

One is silent

the other cries out.

One is sitting in the garden

the other moans before the wall.

One is a Light

the other lights a candle.

One is without burden

the other is a stone.

Have you met the other?

…This is how Adam changed

Clay -  foto Exuvia 2013 small

– Clay –

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If, behind the human form, we assume the standard, occidental mainstream and scientific model of evolution, then mankind is built upon, and an extension of, the animals below us.

We stand upon the shoulders, and other members; skeletal and nervous, of many beasts, and benefit, today, from their past success.

Though it seems rather doubtful, it remains to be seen, whether or not, Nature, in the human form, has come up with the ultimate ability to survive. If not, humans shall, sooner or later, become a part of natural history; another fossil in the record of the great tree of evolving life.

– Fossil record –

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Frozen Summer

June 24, 2012


Frozen Summer

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Green fingers

March 12, 2012


– green fingers –

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October 5, 2011

 – Kaleidoscope –

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