Don´t you think

May 13, 2013

“Don´t you think

that if I was mistaken

I would realize it?”


“No crees,

que si no estuviera en lo correcto

me daría cuenta?”


“Tror du ikke

at hvis jeg ikke havde ret

så ville jeg indse det?”


The case of Adam Eve

February 25, 2013

Judge: Would you mind telling the court something about your circumstances

Adam: I was initially alone; began my life from scratch; my wife came later …we didn’t possess much.

Judge: Were you allowed to keep animals on the property?

Adam. Yes your Honour, we were allowed and kept all kinds of animals, sheep and lions, wolves and goats…

Judge: Were you aware of the fact that you were going to be asked to leave the garden?

Adam: No your Honour, it was a surprise both to my wife and to my self.

Judge: Did you sign any papers when you received the garden?

Adam: No your Honour, it was His Word

Judge: Did you make any improvements on the property while in the Garden.

Adam: There was no need; we pretty much got along with what was there.

Judge: At termination were you awarded any kind of severance?

Adam: No your Honour, We got a few skins and were asked to leave

And then He put that guard in front of the entrance.

Judge: How many years were you in possession of the property?

Adam: from the very beginning; I was born there; spent every day of my life in that place.

Judge: On the day of the event were you passing hunger?

Adam: No your Honour we got along fine with a few things off of a bush and a tree; honey was plenty and milk was never scarce.

Judge: How many apples did you say you took?

Adam: One! Your Honour. Just one! And I didn’t take more than one bite.

Judge: Do you have anything to say to your defence?

Adam: I didn’t know then what the consequences were going to be. Who would have thought that a bit of fruit would get you into so much trouble?

Follow m…eeeeee

March 11, 2012

“To win without risk is to triumph without glory.”    Pierre Corneille

A  pretty accurate depiction of my last overseas move… one life down, that makes  four dead cats, five to go?

Thank you for a great laugh…

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I still have not found a way to stop the cat. I may have to eliminate the post.

Solar Plexus

July 22, 2011

– Solar Plexus –

All rights Exuvia 2011

Black and yellow make a sharp contrast; light up against dark, both unwilling to surrender.

Yellow exaggerates against that which hides in the dark. The form is much too visible the background much too invisible. Both hyper yellow and hypo black are positions energetically demanding. That makes the color green in the image so important.

“Culturally, of course, yellow on black spells “panic” because of the convention of using it for warning and yield signs, as well as for police tape; more elementally, yellow and black together is a very disturbing combination of absolute negation with what becomes an almost-hysterically hyper-cheerful yellow.

Max Luscher, the colour psychologist, says this combination makes yellow the compensation for whatever the black is denying or negating.”

Carin Perron

Our Universe has placed yellow suns in the middle of black nowhere; lights against the dark. Nothing darker than space, nothing more luminous than stars;  this cosmic hide and show was obviously meant to be seen.

A Universe all dark or all light would remain invisible so to set the stage the first thing had to be contrast.

Dansk Folkeparti, abbreviated DF, or The Danish People’s Party, is proud to spear head European immigration politics. Setting the bar, as high as decency will allow, they have designed an obstacle course for want-to-be Danes consisting of desirable and minimal conditions of the aspirant.

Here is the argument. If you want to be a Dane you must look like one, talk like one and behave like one. To DF Denmark is for the Danes. For every desirable quality, and quantity, you get a point and with sufficient points you are ready to melt in; to add and not subtract from a much loved culture. Integration is key. Ask not what Denmark can do for you but what you can do for Denmark. One united nation. “Denmark back to the Danes”.

Part of the process is going to be a visual document, a recent film, produced to prepare or deter, the mentally heterogeneous aspirant to Danish citizen ship; meant to impress with images and likeness of the mold of the desirable; of danish ‘joie de vivre‘.

This documentary was recently criticized by DF integration spokesman Peter Skaarup for not revealing the full picture of the Danish soul; it lacked naked breasts, an essential truth about the Danes. Peter Skaarup wants the hopeful aspirant to face the local reality; to try his-her acceptance, religious and psychological, with a reality check, with the exposed features of a mother and the stuff many erotic dreams are made of.

Naser Khader a well integrated member of the Danish society, integration spokesman and a political spokesman for the Conservative People’s party (Konservativt Folkeparti – K), humorously suggests that projecting naked pigs before a potential religious fundamentalist might be more effective than showing them half naked Danish women.

The following image might just serve the purpose; a wonderfully syncretic image of the Danish Zeitgeist; of Danish breasts and bacon.

I know, the head dress would have to go.


The project

September 25, 2010

Its time to “take a sad song and make it better”, to find passion, to seize the day and…  please feel free to add any other call to action, existential bravery and sense of expansion through limitation you might know and wish to share.