November 23, 2007

We humans are approximately 78 % water – take or leave a cup – and some of that is in our brain. In a normal to brilliant brain the water is charged and electrifying; see the image: Einstein’s brain sparking like glorious firework on New Years Eve. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in a turkey’s brain; any water there? any sparks or fire at work? and what about bright ideas? Hardly enough to run a public office in its natural state, but, I cannot guarantee that the brilliant procedure – also used on humans in psychiatric hospitals to excite and set things right in a tormented water logged brain – used to stun a turkey before it is being killed, won’t light up its brain in one last epiphany* about us humans. And should I venture so far as to imagine the awakening of a religious sort of brain, its last thought, while its head is baptized with the Lords power, might be: “Lord forgive them for they know not what they do”; enough for any human being to offer his gratitude!

The first station on most poultry slaughterhouse assembly lines is the stunning tank, where the turkeys’ heads are submerged in an electrified bath of water. Stunning procedures are not monitored, and are often inadequate, leaving fully conscious birds to continue along the slaughterhouse assembly line.”

* Epiphany: “An illuminating discovery often resulting in a personal feeling of elation, awe, or wonder”


Turkey breasts

November 22, 2007

Today I read that turkeys – if they escape the grave of their ancestors at the beginning of November – have a relative short lifespan. This is due to their genetically modified chest size.

In a feathered holocaust, turkey breasts are being devoured by mammals as a burnt offering of thanks to God. It can’t really be important whether you burn it in a fire and then eat it or in an oven, stuffed with herb and spice, the idea is the same. Personally I thought this had been a Jewish custom but there you have it America as a whole has taken it so much to heart – except the turkeys! 

After thinking about those breasts for a while and how they have been genetically modified I fell into a kind of trance or dreamlike vision: In Green Ville – somewhere in the land of promise – an extreme case of iatrogenic human suffering is calling attention to the civilized world. It is about a teenage girl; let’s call her Rosy, whose breasts won’t stop growing. Her parents given options as to breast size, hair colour and other secondary expressions of the human genome had insisted on added attraction to their girl to be born – they had themselves chosen her gender – The effect was that Rosy now a teenage girl of 16 had severe problems with breast size  – “we cannot always guarantee that gene expression will not overshoot, but it is statistically very rare” says Dr. Rosenbaum. Here, for a moment, my dream took on a surreal character and Rosy appeared as a human body with her sad fate bulging under the head of a turkey. I shuddered at the sight while I admired the power in the hands of the medical profession. On coming to my senses and shaking off my prophetic vein I remembered that I am really concerned – and severely so – with the turkeys, not with Rosy; She was just my stupid uncontrolled imagination, such horror will never occur in a rational society but oversized turkey breasts for the lusty appetite are here to stay.