August 20, 2007

The extended shelf life of a mummy is impressive. To preserve something for that long is quite an achievement and this without using heat. Their primitive antibiotic process managed to spoil the substance to a degree that no other life form could thrive on it. Digging out milk from months or years back from a store shelf may be attractive to an archeologist but not to me; I am in love with the living!


UHT, It must be natures way of getting me off milk. I’m suddenly radically conservative. I like that fresh taste of pasteurized milk, ice cold, full of things the way they were meant to be.  We had come such a long way, my genes and I and that old cow. Technological r-evolution seems to arm industry for a different species. In terms of evolution, my body is being taken over on the freeway of the possible. Science, you are way ahead of me; I don’t think I can make it, my genes are too old fashioned.

It’s sad but I’m going to have to pass on this one.  A minute of silence for the old cow and my pasteurized milk.

Let’s do this

August 10, 2007





A modest beginning but a serious step towards a Mazda 6