Solar Plexus

July 22, 2011

– Solar Plexus –

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Black and yellow make a sharp contrast; light up against dark, both unwilling to surrender.

Yellow exaggerates against that which hides in the dark. The form is much too visible the background much too invisible. Both hyper yellow and hypo black are positions energetically demanding. That makes the color green in the image so important.

“Culturally, of course, yellow on black spells “panic” because of the convention of using it for warning and yield signs, as well as for police tape; more elementally, yellow and black together is a very disturbing combination of absolute negation with what becomes an almost-hysterically hyper-cheerful yellow.

Max Luscher, the colour psychologist, says this combination makes yellow the compensation for whatever the black is denying or negating.”

Carin Perron

Our Universe has placed yellow suns in the middle of black nowhere; lights against the dark. Nothing darker than space, nothing more luminous than stars;  this cosmic hide and show was obviously meant to be seen.

A Universe all dark or all light would remain invisible so to set the stage the first thing had to be contrast.


The Garden Angel

July 17, 2011

– The Garden Angel –

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Astral Garden

July 16, 2011

– Astral Garden –

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Mon dieu!

July 10, 2011


– Waves of Light in the Garden –

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